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Contemporary West African Cuisine

LALU CATERING Services LTD operates on both online and mobile platforms, and specialises in authentic Contemporary West Africa and Continental Cuisines. Lalu Kitchen is based in the Woolwich - Greenwich area of South-east  London. Latifi Amoussa Study for his Chef qualifications at Lewisham College 2005 but has been working as Chef since 2004 , he has worked in various Top restaurants and Kitchen in London his passion for Food and culture drive his  creativity to create LALU Catering Services a Taste of Contemporary West African Cuisine bringing you the Taste of Africa Pot into your Home .

The company is equally owned and managed by Head Chef Latifi Amoussa and business partner, Lucy Isaiah. It is a family business that believes in the theory; Good Food Sustains Life.

LALU Catering Services Ltd. have been serving delicious West African Cuisine to Greater London residents and neighbours since 2016. The business have brought unique style, and taste to customers. The founder and his dynamic partner quickly gained acclamation within the Greenwich community for bringing unique taste and quality.

The African  Cuisine is popular for its expertise in making Jollof rice, Egusi soup, Plantain, Africa Vegan Food, puff-puff, chin-chin, and Meat Pie, which is now a signature dish.

Lalu Catering is tackling food waste. Download the Too Good to Go app and patronise us.

Why choose Lalu Catering Services?

  • Provision of the high quality meals 

  • Bespoke service

  • Good customer service

  • Affordable pricing

  • Home cooking on the local street and market of London

  • Unique and fresh treats of West African and continental street food  

  • Cooperate and private food services 

  • Online services

  • Mobile services

  • Good packaging

  • Flexible delivery


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